APSS News Report

Separate ministry for youths sought

The Himalayan Times – Kathmandu, January 30:

Up to 100 youths from different parts of the country today stressed on the need to have a separate ministry for youths to make plans and policies that address youths’ issues and create conducive environment to avoid brain drain.

Speaking at the national workshop on ‘Sustainable peace, democracy and development of Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities’, organised by Association of students of political science, the students said a separate ministry for youths was the need of 21st century.

Sachita Kuikel, a student, said, “Youths should be given responsibilities to handle all the departments, boards and networks under the ministry of youth to make the plans and policies that meet the needs of youths.” She added, “Only youths can understand their problem and draft the plans and policies that suit them for the development of the country.”

Shankhar Panday, secretary of youth and sports under the Ministry of Education and Sports, said the state should bring youth-oriented programmes to check brain drain. He also sought budget allocation for the youth oriented programmes. “Until the National Planning Commission allocates budget for the youths in budget book published by the ministry of finance, programmes for the youths are not going to materialise,” he added. He said the ministry is doing groundwork to establish a new ministry for youth.

Dr Jagadish Chandra Pokharel, vice chairman of NPC, said youths should dare to bring changes in the society by questioning the already established beliefs. He said, “The youths should have the vision of prosperous, modern and just Nepal.”