APSS Annual Conference

There is annually a national conference of APSS in Kathmandu. APSS Constitution has a provision of holding the annual conference with principal objectives to assess and approve the annual report of activities and audited financial report, and recommend activities that might be of interest of participating members further satisfying mandates and approval of General Convention that would currently be effective through. However, APSS considers the Annual Conference not only for these mandatory actions, this event is like a festival of all members and an annual political debate platform for all participants ranging from senior political leaders, members of parliament, political scientists (and social scientists), senior bureaucrats and security (NA, MOD, APF, Nepal Police etc.) representatives, editors from leading media houses, commentators, figures of civil society, senior representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Nepal, former Nepalese ambassadors etc. Through two to three-day Annual Conference, debates are centered around an annual theme

“2015 – A Year of Milestone to Nepal’s Democracy and Prosperity”: Annual Conference 2015 (October), Kathmandu-

Details of the Conference will be posted soon here. If you are interested, please write to us.  

General Convention

Last General Convention of APSS was held in September 2019. Next one will be conducted in September 2023 whereas GM is to be organized in every five years as of APSS Constitution. The main task of the GM is to elect an Executive Committee (EC) for coming five years term (however, if there is vacancy of EC President or member, the Annual Conference can elect). The current Executive Committee is in charge until October 2023. GM gives approval of preceding annual conferences’ reports (programs and finance) and mandates for coming five year term to execute APSS vision, mission and core objectives.

List of past events organized by APSS will be posted here soon.