APSS Membership

Our brand new membership system offers you a wide range of services, opportunities to be involved in APSS regular activities, learning by doing skills and hands on practices to understanding your society.Membership is available generally for Political Science students, political scientists, theorists, practitioners, policy makers, journalists, researchers and students either in formal education or those interested in political issues and other intellectuals. According to the APSS Constitution, Nepali national who owns citizenship of Nepal can apply for an APSS Membership for respective capacity, as a General Member. Individual meeting this requirement can apply for General Membership online and manually filling application form. Here is link for types of memberships and exisiting member information.Our members come from diverse range of academic and professional fields. This has been one of our key strengths since its establishment. Our members represent political parties, bureaucracy, think-tanks, relevant departments of Nepalese universities, centrally and locally active NGOs and CBOs.

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Membership benefits

Not only does the APSS exist to develop and promote the study of politics, it also aims to help its members develop their skills and advance in their professional careers, through a wide range of activities and world-class journals that help enrich the discipline. Join the Association and you will receive: 

Members’ discounts on conference and workshop fees. You will save more than the cost of your membership when you attend our annual conference

  • Subscription to the APSS’ various publications
  • Access to a network of specialist groups
  • Opportunities for members to be nominated for the various APSS prizes
  • Access to the APSS Special Projects Fund
  • 15% discount on books and journals available from various institutions in Nepal
  • Workshops organised on issues of practical professional concern to early and mid-career academics