APSS Special Projects

Special projects are designed for a certain time bound which are built upon explored needs and gaps of specific sectors on governance and development policy and programs. Based on APSS research findings and consultations with government agencies and political parties, donor community and various players of economic development, the APSS designs and implement the set special project given the fund availability and technical cooperation with funding actors within the country and beyond. 

Ongoing Focus (2019 – 2024)

  • Meaningful implementation of RTI from down to top so as to ensuring grassroots citizens through local   development planning and monitoring process as well as strengthening service delivery as of government manifestation and various instruments of good governance. 
  • Strengthening civil-military-relations in Nepal, given changed context of democratic polity framework in the country after the successful conclusion of Nepal’s peace process and constitution writing with renewed provision of National Defence Council has been approved by APSS team to take further with concerned partners. Defining the roles of different institutions of security and defense domain is of a prime of concern of APSS during this period. 
  • Threats of digital technology and internet, and rapid development of Artificial Intelligence tools, to democratic rights and values in the wake of increased economic disparity and populism in recent years will be considered as sincere areas of APSS intervention during this period.
  • Disaster and crisis management, and disaster preparedness with regard to correlation with the link of development and security.
  • Political party capacity building measures will be considered an important effort of APSS towards enhancing internal party democracy and democratic leadership development in leading mainstream political parties of Nepal. Potential cross-party cadre will be equipped with skills and knowledge of effective public policy and administration, defense and foreign policy/diplomacy, accountability and service delivery.
  • Political culture and institutions building activities: parliament, federalism, human rights and justice, electioneering, bureaucracy and rule of law etc. are of special interest within APSS community and its nationwide members as well as international partners.