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The Association of Political Science Studies (APSS) is politically independent, scholarly association, established in 2001, supporting and encouraging the training, research, dialogue, roundtables and national cooperation of political scientists, theorists, practitioners, policy makers, journalists, researchers and students either in formal education or those interested in political issues and other intellectuals, across Nepal and beyond. The APSS has nearly 650 members across the country, working relationships with Nepalese political parties, relevant departments of Universities and different academic and professional associations and unions. It has now 26 district chapters, and 43 locally-active community groups have been affiliated to pursue APSS policy and programme implementation. Formally in 2006 the APSS got registered at local authority of Government with a Charter, the APSS is non-profit making and non-religious Association.

At the center of its approaches have been the institutions of non-partisan think and do tank that seeks to bolster and strengthen a Nepali model of democracy which is respected and regarded with universally considered democratic values and principles.